All you need to break the silence is a single bell…

About the Blog
I am sick of the silence of not writing. I want to find a story, write it, and stick with it until the end. And I mean “the end.”

This blog is meant as a deadline, an inspirational tool, and a record of what it’s like to write in the small corners of spare hours. I mean to post on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule for regular posts, and every other Saturday for updates on my progress.

About the Author
I have been writing stories ever since I…well, learned to write. I’ve finished two novels in my life. One was in middle school, and I threw it out immediately after. The second was last November for National Novel Writing Month. I have yet to go back and edit it. Everything else has been short stories or unfinished projects.

My favorite author is Tamora Pierce. I would love to write like her, but I’ll settle for being a fan and re-reading all of her books. I’m also a fan of the Harry Potter books, so you’ll be hearing a lot about them when I talk. Outside the fantasy realm, I like Jane Austen and Shakespeare.

Lately I’ve been looking for what I term “original fantasy,” i.e. fantasy that is set in unusual places (not Medieval Europe), or fantasy that stars unusual people (not the usual prince or wizard), or fantasy with unusual plots (not saving the world), etc. Since you are supposed to write what you want to read, that means my new project is going to be something along these lines – hopefully.

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