January 25, 2010

The Dream Sequence Nightmare

Posted in Tales from the Author's Desk at 12:03 pm by jajohnson7

For some reason unknown to me, dream sequences are all the rave. Want to increase your word count in NaNoWriMo? Write a dream sequence! Want to foreshadow a major event or character? Write a dream sequence! Want to inject some humor into your otherwise gripping drama? Write a dream sequence!

…God I hate them.

I’m sorry, but when did someone decide that the best way to move the plot forward was with a dream sequence? To make matters worse, they’re usually really long, and sometimes very random.

The best dream sequence I ever saw was a short paragraph in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. It said that Quirrel’s turban was trying to make Harry switch into Slytherin. Now the first time around, you think it’s just his nerves at being Sorted. You quickly forget about it. It’s not till the second reading that you realize Voldemort seems to be meddling. Genius.

If only all dream sequences could be like that. It’s usually chase scenes, mysterious vibes, or fears of losing someone. Not exactly the most exciting scene ever.

And let’s not forget the absolute worst way to use the dream device:

“And then he woke up.

The End.”



  1. Dan said,

    A second reading of Harry Potter? Multiple layers? Boo. You give JK too much credit. :p

  2. jajohnson7 said,

    You’ve never re-read Harry Potter?! I cannot comprehend this insanity. 😛

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