January 23, 2010

Plan A 2.0

Posted in Updates at 11:14 am by jajohnson7

Confession: the Regency thing isn’t working out like I’d hoped. It’s harder than I had thought to re-arrange characters and [sub-]plots I’ve had in my mind for almost three years.

My solution? Go back to Plan A, and make it less epic. It was the epic part that was catching me up, so I’m ditching it. Epics aren’t my kind of story anyway. Now all that’s left to do is update and see where the story takes me. Some ideas I had for ditching the epic part:

1. No cultural fights of doom. Originally, I’d had the main character as part of a conquered people, and she was going to rise up and lead her people to freedom. Yeah, definitely epic. It’s getting tossed.

2. Put her in a school. Sad to say, but schools are not epic. That should ratchet down the stakes quite a lot.

3. Make her younger. It’s like the younger you get, the less likely you are to do epic things (mostly because it’s expected you have to build up to it). Think about it: Dumbledore = EPIC; Aragorn = epic; Little Red Riding Hood = not epic.

If you are as equally frustrated at my lack of decisiveness as I am, all I can say is: I warned you! In my first official post, I warned you that I have too many ideas in my head to function normally. This is the result. Pathetic, but true.


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